Good bye <3


It is with deep and great regret that the admin team and owners have come to the consensus to close down EpicPvP.net.
There is a few reasons and just to give a broad view I will name some of them. When Epic was made one of strongest advantages as a server and community was our staff team and owners. However due to time constraints and lack of collaborative project between Sirati97 and Lah97, a lot of the stress of maintaining the server is falling on the shoulders of a few. And this is unfair when you also consider that they are in full time education and studying for their future, taking up almost all spare time they have. This bring me to my next point; we don’t have any coders with enough spare time to build new features and plugins for the server which has meant we’re slowly falling behind one update at a time. We can already see staff members and players frustrated with the lack of updates and would be unfair to lead you on with the promise of a rose tinted and unlikely future. These lack of updates and old coding have destroyed the motivation of the owners, players and staff as it’s hard to fix with the previously mentioned time constraints; and they’re the biggest source of lag produces which is ruining the server and creates the perspective, what’s the point.
We also saw leaving of some of the oldest and best staff members I have ever seen on any server. It’s without a doubt that TheFl4me was the biggest influence in keeping this server together and up to date, doing a lot of stuff on his own. This meant that when he put his leaving notice into staff, it was a big morale blow to us all. Even I (MxTemPerZx) was disheartened to see him go as he was an idol for many.
All in all, this just created a bag gaming experience and made the server unfun as I’m sure many of you can agree is the case.


But, it’s not all doom and gloom! We’ve definitely had our highs on the server and I will remember this as the best gaming experience of my Minecraft life without a doubt!

  • In June of 2013 Lah97 (One of the current owners) created his own version of a HG’s plugin which was in fact really good and set the path for a future project or server.

  • The server was founded in September 2013 by supertim33 and used plugins made by lah97 as well as some kits from his hg plugin.

  • During New Year of 2014 (01/01/2014) Sirati97 took joint ownership of the server with them.

  • In February of 2014 was one of the larger innovations to the server’s early life when Sirati97 coded a plugin which enabled separate inventories per arena, death counts/ KDR while also keeping the global kits from Lah97’s hunger games plugin.

  • April 2014 also saw big updates when Lah97’s kits merged with Sirati97’s kits and created a kit selector per arena. The same one we still use today (March 2016).

  • Soon after these updates Epic began to get popular as we saw over 70 players on the server for the first time! At the same period, we also saw xXjftbenXx become a moderator on the server. He would later become an Admin and a crucial member of the team. All though I didn’t get a chance to be part of Epic team while he was at his active point, I’ve only heard good things about Ben. Congrats to you.

  • June 2014 the server saw 120 players on simultaneously for the first time. 50 player increase from the month before as well as Sirati97’s updated version of Lah97’s HG plugin.

  • Late June and onwards saw Sirati97 take a stepback and more of an observer position while Lah97 took control and did most of the work.

  • July 2014 the server hit a new peak of 200+ players, another huge increase and we would average this for a very long time, in some cases got even more by a large majority.

  • By the end of August we got a new EpicPvP record of players only and was truly a mile stone which indicated all of the owners work had truly paid off. 450 players on the server at once, which at the time was more than most of the largest US servers as well! To make it better, Sirati97’s and Lah97’s coding and plugins didn’t fail to meet the demand and the server didn’t crash under the pressure of all the players.

  • 14 of September 2014 Tristan joined the server (First known as Pizzatristan but now known as TheFl4me and his alt TheW4ter (Sorry for releasing you Alt :D ))

  • November 2014 Admin mode was added (/admin or /check for us) and previous to this it took the keen eye of trained staff with /vanish to spot a hacker. Surprisingly with good accuracy as well.

  • December 2014 saw the introduction of one of the key features which opened our server to the multinational community it is today. Yes, this was the language plugin which Sirati97 had been practicing in his beta server. It was no possible to select a language from a large variety of options and enabled the ability for people of different countries to join and enjoy the experience in their own language, not just the mix of English and German it had previously.

  • January 2015 Lah97 introduced a better and improved banning process which we still use today.

  • January 2015 all maps were replaced, updated and added new features. First time all maps had been replaced. Created a new feel for the server with a better dynamic.

  • April 2015 saw two new introduction and the joining of another great staff member.
    Sirati97 released HG 2.0 which brought an updated and twist to how we did HG, as well as content management server. This allowed global stats, chats, and room for better administration. As well as this we got a new member who would come to be one of the key Admins and one of the best members of the EpicPvP.net team, LeluLP.

  • July 2015 saw the release of VanillaBattle which was a hardcore all versus all Hunger Gamer’s adaptation without soup or kits. This gained noteworthy popularity and was a interesting game with lots of fun.

  • August 2015 saw the greatest member of EpicPvP.net enter and the best pvper in the entire servers staff MxTemPerZx! (Not a single bit of bias just because I’m writing this.) I can still remember when I submitted my Application for staff as I had just lost my highest killstreak to a hacker in 1v1fps and had enough with hacker’s hahahaha.

  • During October of 2015 a big update which I know a lot of the team was thankful for was the lag update. This removed a lot of the old lag and brought back a lot of members and saw increased happiness of both staff and players.

  • November 2015 allowed for a new plugin which altered the permissions.

  • January 2016 All maps were renewed, updated and were 10 times bigger with extra detail, engineering and designs. This is the second time it’s been done on Epic and a big thanks goes to the Owners, MasterofoZZZ and Teams for building these amazing maps.


EpicPvP has certainly had some great times, great laughs and banter to say the least. And the journey has been a great one. I didn’t even realised I joined the server half a year ago, seems so surreal. But all great things must come to an end it’s hard to watch EpicPvP slowly die like it has been for the past months and will be closed at the end of this week. However, in its replacement will be introduced a new Build Server with new coding already made and up to date with cool features and concepts.
Features and concepts of the new Build Server.

  • There will be an open spawn with a roaming aspect in the plot world which will have some explanations about the server and commands etc.

  • Outside of the spawn area is just normal generated terrain which is separated into square plots for players to build on. Plot features:

    • Plots are separated by any blocks, so if you look at the landscape it looks normal, just as it would naturally. Does create a better visual experience.

    • However when you enter a plot you can see an indicater for where the boards of the plot are. This allows for you to estimate where you want to build your projects and size constraints.

    • On your plot you can have Portals. These are the following Portals currently:

      Obsidian Nether World
      Lapisblock Farm World
      Glowstone Sky World

    • Add friends to you plots and allow them to build with you, allowing for the creation of projects together.

    • Block people from your plot so they can’t enter it or teleport to it. You can also unblock.

    • You can enable or disable monster spawning on your plot. If you turn it on they will spawn underground.

This build server will be an experiment and may not last if we don’t get the numbers we’re hoping for, but we will give it a shot first and see where it takes us. Now, it is down to you if you decide to leave Epic and there is no shame in doing so. You’re all staff members of a KitPvP server and it will no longer be one so it’s not surprising if you wish to leave. But everyone has the right to be here and see the potential crossover and as a token of our respect we are giving you the chance to carry over as staff on the new server if that is something you would be interested in.